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If you haven’t heard already, Startup Weekend Albuquerque is June 2nd – 4th @WESST and I am excited to be part of the central New Mexico’s new organizing team. A lot of great organizations are working together to bring a fun and impactful event that you don’t want to miss.

Having organized and participated in Startup Weekends in the past, here are my 5 reasons why you should attend this 54 hour hackathon.

Try out that idea you are always talking about

I have consulted with hundreds of entrepreneurs, visionaries and developers about their ideas and products. Many of them never schedule nor take the time to work on their startup ideas, instead they continue to just talk about it with their friends. Don’t be that person. Startup Weekend allows you to make the time and gives you a structure to take action and see your idea come to life.

Focused Networking

Most people that are changing careers or trying to get a job know that networking is key to success. But what no one tells you is how hard it can be to make time to research and do it. At Startup Weekend, you will meet some of the leaders of the local ecosystem as well as coaches and mentors to gain wisdom. You will build new friendships and business partnerships with others participants that are taking the same steps to bring new companies and ideas into the world.

Community Engagement

Service not only looks good, it is good! These types of activities impact local industries. Participating in a hackathon is a great way to show you are engaged with your local community and care about something more than just getting a job. Employers and recruiters now look for “soul” on job applications and cover letters nowadays. So ask yourself, what are you doing to connect and contribute back to society?

Food, Fun and Fame

Probably not the main reason why you should come to Startup Weekend but having fun and getting fed all weekend already justifies the cost of ticket registration. Something else you might gain is a chance at fame. Winners at times have opportunities to move on to global competitions and get into the press.

Start a New Future

It may sound unreal but, for some, participating in a Startup Weekend can lead them on a new career path or even create a new startup company with other participants. Don’t believe me? Zapier.com and Rover.com, both leaders in their industries, are just a couple of the companies that came out of a Startup Weekend. And, Albuquerque’s very own Teeniors was launched at a Startup Weekend!

If you are in ABQ or surrounding area, I encourage you to sign up for Startup Weekend ABQ 2017 before the early tickets are gone.

Daniel Heron