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Startup Weekend Women’s Edition Dallas is just two weeks away – and you should be there. Women (and men!) hackers and hustlers will come together to build startups. Here’s five reasons you won’t want to miss it!

learn1. Learn about entrepreneurship. For 54 hours, you’ll be immersed in all aspects of a startup – development, design, marketing, and pitching. You will pick up new skills and ways to think through your idea as you’re surrounded by coaches, mentors, and attendees who have expertise in all these areas.

GROW2. Grow as you learn about yourself. At startup weekend, you have to be light on your feet!  With the pace of the weekend, you’ll be making lots of important decisions. It will force you to grow in quick decision-making and fast pivots. You’ll learn to pitch yourself. When you are building your team on Friday night, you’ll convey more than your idea, but why, together, you can build something great – and have fun along the way.

connect3. Connect with a local and global community of entrepreneurs. You will make so many kinds of meaningful connections. Locally, you’ll connect with a wide breadth of professionals in development, design, marketing, and more. You’ll connect with the vibrant Dallas startup community. You’ll connect with incredible mentors and coaches who have lived the entrepreneurial experience and will help guide your team. You’ll connect with women who thrive on being in the trenches of entrepreneurship! You will become part of a global entrepreneurial community that wants to make the world more innovative, more prosperous –and believes that starts with you!

collaborate4. Collaboration will drive the weekend. The people you meet and work alongside at Startup Weekend Women’s edition will be smart, motivated, and skilled. You’ll have 54 hours to collaborate, shaping your innovative idea into a business with real traction and a strategy to position it. The collaborative and innovative energy will propel the weekend.

build5. Build a business. This is not an exercise in thinking or dreaming. Startup weekend is the place to validate an idea, build a product, and launch a startup in 54 hours. Real businesses grow out of startup weekend, including local female-led startup, Kinskii (Click the link and don’t miss her pitch to the accelerator they’re now enrolled in – after eating a habanero pepper!).

You won’t want to miss this incredible opportunity for women entrepreneurs and innovators. Get your ticket today!

Susanna Foote