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Groningen is a fertile ground for startups in Food. That is one of the reasons that we are organising a Startupweekend Food from June 5 through 7. These food startups are our favourites.

Cook-ing / cook-ing.nl
cook by ing
Cooking your own dinner is quite the hassle. If you don’t feel like shopping for groceries and waiting until your dinner is cooked, call Inge. She cooks your dinner and delivers it until your doorstep!

Fileerlokaal ’t Ailand / ailand.nl
The fish we eat comes from far, far away. Pangasius, Tilapia: unedible stuff, according to the Goede Vissers. That is why they are crowdfunding for a filleting room, where they will teach people more about regional and sustainable fishies. Support them here: crowdaboutnow.com/tailand

Groentebuur / groentebuur.nl
We waste a lot of food. At farms, a lot of food stays behind. Groentebuur brings that food into the city and distributes it to consumers. Great idea, we say!

De Zwammerij / dezwammerij.nl
Mushrooms grow on used ground coffee. That is why de Zwammerij grows mushrooms on coffee. Based on the “Blue Economy” principle, they sell these mushrooms to restaurants.

Toentje / toentje.nl
Thanks to Toentje, people who get their food at Foodbank Groningen get fresher vegetables than people who shop at the supermarket. And many stuff besides that, go check it out!

Mout / proeflokaalmout.nl
There is no place in the Netherlands where you can only drink our regional beer produce. That is why Susan is crowdfunding for Mout now: a place that will solely serve Dutch beers. Delish! crowdaboutnow.nl/proeflokaalmout

Free Cafe / thefreecafe
A Free Café, entirely built out of recycled material, serving up food that has been rescued from being thrown away. Every wednesday and sunday, you can eat, cook and have fun at this place.

Opgeweckt Noord / opgewecktnoord.nl
Almost all of our food is packaged food. Utrecht won the first packagefree store, but with a very fast crowdfunding – raising 200 % in a very short time -, Opgeweckt overtook them and will open soon!

Let this be an inspiration for the event. We are very curious what kind of ideas you will be bringing to the Friday night pitches!

Matthijs Menses