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How to brand your business for under CHF 400

99designs is very proud to be a sponsor of the Startup Weekend in Zurich. To show how much we love startups, we decided to share some useful insights about branding for small businesses.

4 reason why branding is essential for startups and small businesses

No smalltalk needed when it comes to branding. Here are the 4 main reasons, why you should think of branding your business right away.

  1. Branding builds brand awareness

Your brand ultimately defines what your business stands for. If you build a sense of brand awareness in your target market, the chances of customers coming back, buying your product or promoting your business through word of mouth will most likely increase.

  1. Branding encourages loyalty

If you can provide people with a memorable service, coupled with a clear and consistent design, you are making it very easy for them to return to you.

  1. Branding promotes brand recognition

A strong visual identity will promote brand recognition in the conscious and sub conscious of your target audience. There is a lot of competition out there in todays market, so very often it is the extra  touches in design or experience which end up winning you that return customer.

  1. Branding allows you to action the 3 Cs

Actioning the 3 C‘s will give your brand the reinforcement it needs to succeed. This means Consistency, Clarity  and Communication are the key to a successful business. Branding allows you to communicate your ideas, values and products to your target audience in a memorable way.

How to use 99designs to get the branding that your business needs

Working with a community of over 1 Million graphic designers, 99designs has been able to help out over 450.000 customers to get the design they need. In order to meet our customers expectations, we’ve been creating new products during the past year, that will make it even easier to get your business running right away.

We partnered up with Jimdo to bring you an exclusive Custom Logo + Website package for just CHF 398. This is the ultimate and fastest way to get a professional logo design and a complete website.

What you’ll get:

  • Logo Design
  • Mobile Friendly Website
  • Hosting + Domain Name
  • No Coding Required

Wondering how to start a design contest? Watch our helpful How it works video.

Timo Hahn