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Forest Giant will be sponsoring the eighth iteration of Startup Weekend Louisville to help develop the city’s growing business community. Founder and CEO Dave Durand has been an active participant from the start and recalls the early days before Startup Weekend Louisville began.

“When I moved to Louisville in 2004 there was a small entrepreneurial community. The web hadn’t blown up with chatter about startups; no one knew what a VC or a term sheet was. In 2010 we got involved with bringing accelerators to Louisville. Although the city really struggled to support those startups once they graduated, they empowered the startup community to see that there are outlets for them to learn and engage in building businesses. From that time period Startup Weekend emerged.”

Since the very beginning, Durand and the Forest Giant team have set out to innovate and inspire. Ranging from city-enhancing projects like Resurfaced to city-centric apps like Louisville Love, Forest Giant has played an active role in developing and representing the city. Sponsoring an event like Startup Weekend Louisville is in the same vein: making Louisville better, together.

During Startup Weekend Louisville’s inaugural event in 2012, the Forest Giant founder played a dual role as mentor and participant. Durand collaborated with three other local tech and business professionals to create CityAnchor, a blog aggregator that showcased the best Louisville-centric blogs in one place. Although competition was fierce, the team won.

“I have a special place in my heart for Startup Weekend to not only teach new entrepreneurs, but creatives, developers, and all minds alike. Startup Weekend is an essential piece for the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Louisville. I am really excited that we have it here and am honored to play a part in helping to push the effort forward.”

Forest Giant is proud to be a part of the growth of entrepreneurs in the city of Louisville. The growth, energy, and good that will come from this year’s event and the events for years to come is something we are delighted to be a part of.

About Forest Giant

Forest Giant is company of designers, developers, and strategists driven by opportunities to solve complex problems using software and technology. Learn more about our latest project, Helm, or view our work at www.forestgiant.com. Forest Giant is proudly based in Louisville, Kentucky.

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