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Gayatri Vidya Parishad, Rushikonda
4th February, 2015

An afternoon where a college made several exceptions in its schedule – cancelling its CAT class, labs for the first years, classes for various years of Management and Engineering Degrees, and made the students to be present on that day, in the late afternoon hours, and still the energy of creativity and spontaneity did not come down.

Attended by 70 students of BBM stream, the session got honoured by a presence of an already-aware and intelligent crowd. An interactive crowd, that came up with 6 spontaneous ideas regarding a water bottle, an interactive crowd that came up with lot of intelligent questions, even at a time when everyone gets tired with a day-long college activities, deserves a respect. Ultimately we had to make students aware that the time was running and they could miss their buses, or they wouldn’t have even left the venue.

Even while leaving, people came to us and thanked us for the session. There were people who said, “we actually planned to visit NIT Warangal, but now we require to rethink upon that plan”.

Sayan Ganguly