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GridAKL is currently a hive of activity as teams rush to perfect their pitches. Everyone is in it to win it and WOW the judges!

Special thanks to all our wonderful mentors for their hard work over the past two days. There’s nothing more inspiring and rewarding than seeing teams light up in an ‘Aha!’ moment after insightful feedback and advice.

The count down is on – only 2 hours left until show time! Here’s a final update of our teams pitching tonight:

  • Access Map (@accessmapco)
    Creating pathways towards universal access for our community and celebrating equality through crowdfunding and goodwill. Website: accessmap.co
  • Me!Social (@MeSocial_)
    Me!Social is an interactive user experience app designed to introduce you to new social experiences/events in your area. Website: me-social.co
  • Flash Feeds (@flash_feeds)
    Food deals. Easier and faster than anything else out there. Website: flashfeeds.co
  • EducateMeIT
    EducateMeIT is your personal guide to IT Education. We provide a tailored training solution to meet your needs. Website: educate-me.co
  • Ziwi
    A simple social trading app for travellers. Website: ziwi.co
  • BasketTrack (@BasketTrack)
    BasketTrack provides real time analytics of shopper behaviour and transaction sales data so supermarkets can make informed decisions about store layout and product placement. Website: baskettrack.co
  • Sieni
    Pacific island online marketplace. Website: sieni.co
  • coCREATE.ninja (@CoCreateNinja)
    coCREATE.ninja allows the new generation of web designers and developers to work together remotely. The solution integrates web cam & voice technology, file sharing, and social networking – allowing collaborative working to be speedier and more efficient. Website: cocreate.ninja
  • OnMyGame
    A mobile app to maintain positive mental health of ‘First Responders’ Services. Website: onmygame.co
  • Class Compass
    One pass you can use to any class, anywhere.
  • Craft Beer Critiq
    An app to challenge and help drinkers experience and find craft beer, and help the brewers market to get feedback for their products.
  • SoSho
    Connecting locals and activities. A fun and easy to use app that allows you to quickly scan your local area and find company to join you on activities when you want.
  • Xignal (@xignallapp)
    An app / web service that helps people who give presentations to improve their presentation skills with quick honest feedback from the audience. Bonus feature – opportunity to convert interest into leads. Website: xignal.co

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Jenny Xu