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Thanks to another one of our participants for this great blog post! Here’s what Alex had to say about SWChiCreative:

I  participated in Startup Weekend Chicago – Creative Enterprise Edition on March 31st April 2nd, 2017, a great startup event organized with a support of Techstars Central, LLC. The aim of this event was to bring creative minds together, form teams and help ideas come to life. Ten teams were created from 62 attendees and 33 ideas. In the beginning of the 54-hour marathon people gave pitches and attendees voted for the ones they liked. The Startup Weekend ends with team presentations where a panel of Judges chose the top three winning teams.

The team I worked with did an enormous amount of work within three days. We have been developing two ideas: security drone and an app for last minute sharing of unused tickets. Thanks to the event organizers and supportive Coaches, teams had everything needed for efficient team work: mentoring support, refreshments and entrepreneurial spirit. At the end of the third day, we had prepared a business website, created the application structure and developed a promising five-year plan for the startup. While leaving the idea with drones for future, we concentrated on the ticket sharing app. We segmented the market, interviewed peers from potential customer groups and talked to competitors.

I can name the following benefit points about Startup Weekend that I have experienced while participating in one:

  1. Great people and networking. Everybody I met at the event was passionate and motivated about their work.
  2. Knowledge shared from diverse professionals. I personally was interested in talking to app developers and seeing how they create working iOS App prototypes in a very short period of time.
  3. Learning new skills. For instance, I created a website, learned how to register a domain name and created a basic logo. Now, I can easily apply these skills to new projects when needed.

I am very grateful to the Startup Weekend organizers for a chance to participate in such a tremendous event. I learned new skills, met great people and got energy for further professional steps.

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Melissa Jimenez