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A central pillar of Startup Weekend is the Friday night pitch fire. This is where all attendees have the opportunity to pitch the unique idea that they want to work on during the weekend (As a side-note, we encourage everyone to pitch, though it’s not required).

From the pitch fire teams will be formed around the ideas pitched. We do this by giving everyone an opportunity to vote on what was presented and the top ~10 are chosen to be worked on.

We’ll give each person a hard 60 second limit on their pitch. A pitch should be unique to you, but some structure never hurts as a place to start.

A simple pitch template may look like:

[10 sec] Introduce and sell yourself
[20 sec] Describe the problem you want to solve
[20 sec] Describe your solution (e.g. explain the product)
[10 sec] What do you need to be successful during the weekend? ( people, skills, tools, etc )

Some pitching advice:

– Don’t go into too much detail about how your solution works – remember you only have 60 seconds.
– Focus on the problem you want to solve (i.e,. “I want to make meeting planning easier”).
– Don’t leave the stage without naming your pitch/idea. Give it a name so people can remember later when we decide what ideas are worked on.

Ready to pitch your idea? Startup Weekend returns to Cedar Rapids March 4th – 6th at the Iowa Startup Accelerator in the Geonetric Building. We’re also excited to announce Sunday Demo Day Pitches will take place at Whipple Auditorium in the Cedar Rapids Public Library. Get your tickets today.

Brian Kerr