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One important thing we say to every attendee (and that they also confirm) is that it’s really all about participating. Whether you have an idea or not, are able to work on your own idea or another, are one of the winners or not … the journey you go through during this weekend is just incredible. That’s why we really want to thank each and every one of you – participants, coaches, judges, etc. – for making Startup Weekend Ghent such a succes.

But we won’t keep you in suspense much longer. The judges have spoken and here is their feedback for the teams.

57-IMG_08601 / FirstSave (Best allround startup)

> A network of first responders to help people in need

The jury was really impressed with this idea overall. The first slide of their presentation was very powerful and conveyed the problem clearly. Added to this that they had a very simple solution – with a demo right there – meant that the jury had no questions about functionality. Also, the numbers they showed – even if they were optimistic – were very convincing. Meaning that it was a very close call with the second winner …

58-IMG_08632 / for George

> A peer-2-peer platform for lending books, coupled with local partners

The jury was very fond of this idea, even if there was no clear monetisation in it (the team had suggested 3 options which not all jury members believed could work). But the concept and story of the startup was interesting enough to convince the jury to give them the second place.

56-IMG_08563 / ERS (Leanest startup)

> Platform for recruiters to easily manage and screen incoming recruits

The jury liked how this idea was the only one that didn’t rely on a huge amount of people to join the platform. Alle they need is one business to buy the product (which they probably have already) and it’s up and running. The problem they’re solving is very common and they’ve brought a good solution. They received the ‘leanest startup’ award because they pivoted their idea completely during the weekend.

The other 4 teams were at a tie so there’s no more ranking here.

Healthy Plate

> Healthy, easy meals for students

The jury liked this idea; it combines healthy food with convenience for students, which is a real need. The way to tackle this probably needs a bit more thought and the jury even saw potential to take this wider than students.

Arti Mundus

> Bringing artisans and consumers closer together

This idea was presented really well, they didn’t lose time in showing that there is a real need here. But the jury was not convinced that people would buy artisan objects without seeing them.

Meet me for a cause

> Dating for charity

The jury liked the originality of linking dating with charity. And liked how startups can have a good cause in mind.

Meeting black box (Techiest startup)

> Improvings meeting by using the ‘internet of things’

The jury saw real potential in this startup, but felt that the idea was not yet finished. They would have liked to see what can follow after the analytics solution.


Many of the ideas have potential to really start up right-away, so we’re excited to see what will happen!

A big thank you goes out to all members of the jury for their honest feedback and just opinions. Of course, the teams were very well prepared for their pitches thanks to the coaches who helped them finetune their ideas over the weekend. And last, but not least, we couldn’t have set up this event without the help of our partners.

So thank you everyone for participating and helping out! We hope to see you all again next time! Keep in touch through Facebook & Twitter to find out about the next event.

Evelien De Bruyne