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Startup Weekend is dangerous. It gives you a chance to sample what running a start-up is like, and once you are hooked you might start questioning some assumptions about the things that you are good at and your prospects in your current role.

This is exactly what happened to me. I met my co-founder Chris Saunders at last year’s start-up weekend and 2 weeks later we had set up Inductive (inductive.co.nz).

Last year, Chris and I competed in different teams and Chris still ribs me that his team won! We’ve now built our first product chesschecker.com – a website that helps chess players improve at chess by converting paper records of the game into a digital format (so drop me a line if you play chess!).

If you attend Startup Weekend this year, you will almost certainly work like a banshee, learn something new about yourself, make some new friends, and have an insane amount of fun.

Guest post by Andrew Masters

Alex Procter