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Startup Weekend happens on all four corners of the world. From Tokyo to Benghazi, Silicon Valley to Santiago. But why is it such an international success? We look at the key reasons why so many attend! Simon Azzopardi talks about why so many come along to the event.

Ideas do not become real by themselves – So many of us believe that they have a killer idea that would change the world and make buckets of money or fame. How do you kick-start the process of changing the idea into something real? Startup weekend is the first place to do it. It’s a great place to pitch an idea, form a team and get cracking on it.

Improve your average of people around you – You are the average of the seven people you spend the most time with. Want to be better? Than improve those seven people! Startup Weekend is a place full of inspired and inspiring people that want to make a change or difference. It is an experience where everyone is trying to think big and make things happen, and not just talk about it.

Build your connections – Although I despise the word ‘networking’, Startup weekend is a great place to do it. But what is different about startup weekend is that you not only meet and exchange business cards, you actively help each other. So unlike conferences where small talk and quick business card exchange happens, Startup weekend is a place where you can get up close and personal with some great profiles.

Build your startup team – Startups need to start with a team. Any VC or Angel knowing what they are doing will tell you that team is the most important factor for success or failure. Finding the right team however is not easy. You need to find the best people possible, interested in risking a whole lot for a possible huge return. Startup Weekend is where you find these great people. You could meet your future co-founders!

Practice that pitch – You have great ideas but not getting traction with it? Unless you know how to pitch and get people to understand those ideas, nothing will ever happen. Like with anything, practice makes the pitch go fonder! So join us and get pitching!

Learn by doing – Starting up a business is a process. You need to know the process in order to minimize risks of starting up a business. At Startup Weekend, we teach you exactly how to do it, and give you the support and mentoring from entrepreneurs who have done it. It is as real as it gets.

Startup Weekend brings together different walks of life, from second time entrepreneurs looking to kick start an idea, to startuppers who love the experience, as well as employees who are testing the startup water! In Malta, we have had participants who were not driving yet (below 18!) as well as retiring soon! We had people fly in from all over the world for the event, and even had two Italians camp at the venue because they wanted to remain close to the action.

Startup Weekend is for everyone because it is what you make it. The promise it that you will not forget the experience and it may be the start of a new you.

Jaroslaw Bialek