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Startup Weekend has touched the lives of hundreds of people in the Corridor the past few years. And now, we want to spread that impact even farther.

Remember walking into the doors of your first Startup Weekend? Coming in not knowing what you’ve gotten yourself into. Being overwhelmed by a large reception area filled to the max with people just as crazy as you, all ready to build the best big thing together. Remember putting your heart and soul into this one idea with a team of builders the whole weekend? Then when Sunday night came you presented your new business to an audience and wanted so badly to take home first place. All the amazing people you met, all the beneficial lessons you learned, all the experience you gained….

…want to give that experience to someone else?

As a past participant of Startup Weekend Cedar Rapids or Startup Weekend Iowa City, you are now a “Friend of Startup Weekend”. And now, we need your help to support the next generation of Startup Weekend founders.

What you can help do:

We <3 Startup Weekend. We want to share this great experience with everyone in the Corridor. See you November 20 – 22 in downtown Iowa City.

Brian Kerr