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While you’re sipping your morning coffee you hear the great news! Techstars Startup Weekend Timisoara is back. If you got here you might already know what Startup Weekends are, but just to double-check, let’s put a few bullet points to help out with the perspective:

    • you have an idea which you’d like to validate
    • you’re curious about the entire process behind validating or invalidating startup ideas (and then pivoting, of course)
    • networking is what you’re after – be it mentors, co-founders, potential investors and so on
    • you want to give the whole entrepreneurial journey a try. This is the safest way to do so in a controlled environment.

Basically, Startup Weekend events are the quickest & safest way to validate a startup idea. Don’t worry if you don’t have one! There’s always a balance of participants with and without ideas. You’ll be able to be part of the journey by joining an idea & team that you like so that you get to go through the entire process.

And we didn’t even talk about mentors & networking. This is by far THE place to meet entrepreneurs, potential co-founders, angel investors, representatives from accelerator programs and so on. We’ve already started the line-up with an Egyptian, a Romanian living in Prague, and a local digital expert.

SWTimisoara facebook group: http://bit.ly/SWTimisoaraFBGroup

Feel free to reach out to us and stay tuned!

Andrei Munteanu Andrei Munteanu
Tech-savvy traveler. I’m a guy with a Computer Science background who found a really cool environment in Startup Weekend. I’ve first participated at a Startup Weekend in 2013. It was a really awesome experience and that’s why I decided to be part of this great movement and the impact it has on local communities. It’s a really cool experience, you get to learn a lot and meet many great people. Startup Weekend Global Facilitator with lots of energy!