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Startup Weekend Women Hamburg is only made possible by passionate people who volunteer their time. These people are the crazy ones, the change-makers, hands-on-people who believe they have the power to encourage and empower others to follow their passion and to spread the spirit of entrepreneurship. They spend time, effort and love for the community by setting up an event like this and making sure every single participant feels welcome. In the end it’s all about people power –  the collective force of individuals who self-organize around a particular purpose and make an enormous difference in the lives of many!

Meet the organizing team for Startup Weekend Women Hamburg:



Heide Peuckert
I am an entrepreneur at heart, BizDev by education, and Product Manager at Njiuko by passion. My second passion is organizing and facilitating Startup Weekends. I initiated Startup Weekend Women because I believe in the ideas and spirit of female entrepreneurs. My goal is to encourage women to follow their dreams giving them a platform and an opportunity to become a successful founder. You can find me on LinkedIn and Twitter.



Dagmar Fink
The StartupWeekend Women is the 7th StartupWeekend I am helping to organize. The addiction started in Copenhagen, where two interesting guys from Hamburg participated: Yasha and Michael, who are today successfully leading Resmio. When they organized a StartupWeekend event in Hamburg the year after and asked if I would like to help, I didn’t have to think long, I was on. Why is the event to great? First, it has an amazing energy. You meet motivated people with inspiring ideas. Secondly, you get to know real smart people. Thirdly, interesting ideas are turned into amazing stuff over the weekend. Join this event and don’t hesitate a second to present your idea. It may be the start of a great business, it may be the start of a StartupWeekend addiction, in any case it will be the beginning of valuable relationships with cool people. You can find me on LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook and Twitter.



Eshani Sarma
Innovation Manager by profession. Social Entrepreneur by passion. Misfit on a Mission. I have been part of Startup Weekend Community for two years now – first as a participant, and then as organizer. This is my second time to organize women’s edition of Startup Weekend in Germany and I absolutely love the excitement and energy the participants bring to the events! My dream is to enable more and more women and men to follow their entrepreneurial dreams, and empower them by providing right knowledge and startup ecosystem to benefit their cause. You can find me on LinkedIn.



Felix Handler
Working at Absolute Software GmbH as a Collaboration-, Change- & Project Manager, I enjoy nurturing and pushing people’s potential. Having lived abroad on different continents for some years I love multicultural experiences without prejudice and also travelling the world. Try to discover your own country, culture and perspective to grow! Love the sea, travelling, intercultural experiences, good moods. Hope to get to see you all in person soon! =) Follow me on Twitter.


Theresa Grotendorst

Theresa Grotendorst
Hi I’m Theresa and I’m a Content Management Consultant interested in how information and content is published and shared, but also how ideas spread between people and in networks. I’ve been constantly inspired by the startup scene here in Hamburg and Germany, the positive energy is amazing. I’m organizing Startup Weekend Women because I believe in the power of dreams and I want to encourage people to follow their passion. That’s why I also portray inspiring stories of people discovering and living their dreams in my free time. This event is the ideal platform and opportunity to turn your ideas and dreams from concept to reality, it’s a breeding ground for innovation, business and entrepreneurship! Get in touch with me on LinkedIn or Twitter.



Sabela García Cuesta
Hi, I am Sabela from Spain! It was just a matter of coincidence that my first work in Hamburg was at a Start Up. Since then I totally felt in love with the world I saw. The spirit and energy of the people working there was an amazing experience that definitely changed me and my perspective of the working world. I believe there is magic in every idea and in every project which can bring people together. I also believe in giving a chance ideas to turn true. I am myself a dreamer and a creative and everyday I came up with a different idea that at the end vanishes. We need to be brave and we need the power to fight against what doesn’t allow us to move forward. My goal by helping building this platform, the first Women Start Up Weekend in Hamburg, is to motivate women to give it a try, to help them find out if they ideas could work and to offer them to have at least a great life changing experience. I am really excited myself to see what comes out and can’t wait to April to witness the magic. It would be a real shame that ideas always remain ideas. Follow me on Twitter.



Sarah Lee
Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m open, loud, colourful, direct and curious. I work in a creative agency called NPIRE as a designer and projekt manager. I’m interested in technology, fashion, design, as well as for other creative and innovative projects. I am here with SWWHH because I have never co-organised an event of this size before and I’m curious to know what’s necessary. I love to share ideas and inspiration with others and I’m always open to their conversations with me. You can find me on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram



Julia Schumann
At my first job I worked at a startup, where I first got in touch with the startup scene here in Hamburg and Germany. Since then I’m impressed by all those great ideas people have, but rarely are brought to life. That is why I support the lovely organizer team for Startup Weekend Women Hamburg. As Interaction Designer at elbsurfer I spend a lot of time on creating wireframes, userflows and interviewing users to find out, how to create a good experience for web apps. In my offline life I’m a sewing enthusiast because I also love to create non digital things. You can find me on LinkedIn



Debora Viertel
Hi there, I’m Debora. When I first heard about Startup-Weekend Women I wasn’t really sure if I liked the idea of having an event for women only. But once I thought about it a bit more it made sense to me. Though I am a tough girl who stands for her opinion it’s nice to not always need to ‘fight’ for understanding. My motivation is pretty simple: doing what I haven’t done before and making friends who share similar interests. I’m looking forward to organizing the event, to watching the outcome and to sharing my experiences I made so far within the startup world. Besides work and this I am interested in a bunch of things: I love sports (e.g. running, yoga, boxing) – I used to sing, paint … and I consistently try out new things. You can find me on LinkedIn and Xing.


Ivo Naske
Hi, I’m a Freelance Product Designer and Co-Founder of psHolix a 3D-TV developing company. I’ve participated at the  Startup Weekend ’14 here in Hamburg and love to attend all kinds of startup events, to support them and get to know new people. Design & Startups are in my  DNA 😉 So I hope to see you soon at the Startup Weekend Women in Hamburg!! You can find me on LinkedIn.



Karile Klug
Hey there, I’m Karile and “diversity” is the best word to describe my path in life so far. I’m many roles: a business developer, a mother of almost two, a wife, a friend, a networker. I have worked in PR, as an economist, a researcher/analyst, and lately feel most at home as a business developer. I’m also many countries: I’m born Lithuanian, lived in the US, France, the Netherlands and now Germany. At the base of it all I’m a woman, who is devastated each time a factor like gender limits anyone’s opportunities in life’s path. Nice meeting you! You can find me on Facebook and LinkedIn  


We can’t wait to welcome you all at Startup Weekend Women Hamburg!


Theresa Grotendorst