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Have you ever imagined you could validate and build your business idea in just 54 hours? Together with over 100 like-minded participants, you’ll learn how to take any idea from concept to creation within a matter of days. We make sure you are fueled with the best tools, techniques, and mentors available. Join We Are Builders during the Startup Weekend Amsterdam (powered by Google for Entrepreneurs) on 12-14 May. RSVP now and stop talking and start building your business!

We Are Builders. And Gold Sponsor. ?

We Are Builders is a gold sponsor of Startup Weekend Amsterdam. The Lean Startup methodology learned us how to minimize the risk of failure when building startups. The Startup Weekend is the best place to advocate its’ importance, share our learnings and meet fellow hackers and entrepreneurs. Still, too many products and services are built that nobody needs, we’re glad to help prevent this from happening.

We Are Builders is a startup studio focussed on co-founding software startups. We’re constantly looking for hackers and entrepreneurs to start new businesses with. We bring our experience, tools, and money to get you through the first 18 months. And, the coffee is on us if you choose to run your business from our office.

We have a long-standing history with building online software and mobile apps. Our team is a balanced pack of developers, entrepreneurs, UX/UI designers, copywriters, and growth hackers. A mix of expertise every startup needs at some point in time.

From years of experience, successes, and failures we developed a process for crafting ideas into companies. The process consists of several steps strongly inspired by Lean Startup and agile development methodologies. These steps include ideation, validation, building, hustling and eventually champagne. We hope to toast with you on Sunday 14 May when the Startup Weekend ends!

Goals for the Weekend

Our main ? is to help you get from idea to product in 54 hours. Bas Wenneker joins as a mentor and will help teams on Saturday and Sunday with customer development. Our awesome CTO Alex Buis teams up on Sunday.

For myself, I will be one of the four judges you’ll pitch to on Sunday afternoon.

Buy tickets here: Tickets!

This blog post was written by Michael van Lier – Founder & CEO at we.are.builders.

Camille Grotenbreg