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Some great news for you guys! We are experiencing the great flow of energy every day!
Many ambitious students with various educational backgrounds already joined us. We need to make a good use of the fact that Startups’ spirit is so widely present among young people with fresh and new ideas. We can assure you that there will be a lot of bright people who has a valuable knowledge within marketing, app and web development, business, engineering and many more. Seeing new participants joining every day keeps us motivated and happy too!
However now it’s a call for experienced professionals. Maybe you want to create new products but you are lacking in ideas? Or you might feel lost with  new and innovative solutions that are out there right now? It is understandable that daily tasks require a lot of focus and sometimes kill excitement that years ago made you chose your profession in the first place – but why not bringing back this thrilling feeling of creating something new and starting from the scratch? Its within your reach – on 21st of November 🙂
Let’s all join forces and make a magic happen during the Startup Weekend!