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Ever wondered what the outcomes were from the very first Townsville Startup Weekend back in November 2014?  Let’s take a look back at the event in pictures!

Townsville Startup Weekend Intro photo    Townsville startup Weekend 2014 winners

See our whole photo collection on Flickr!  Thanks again to Budd Photography and Liz Lorelle for capturing the event in stills and on video!

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What about the winners?

The top three teams from the weekend were:

  1. YourEducation.com.au – Your Tutor in the Cloud.
  2. OnWhen
  3. Inspect

Of these, YourEducation.com.au has recently gone live and both other startup ideas are under active development.  Listen in as Caine and Jade, winners from 2014, recap on why Townsville Startup Weekend was the game-changing experience they’d been waiting for.

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The underlying teams may have changed a little in the months that have passed, but passion for all of the above ideas remains as strong as ever!  The Townsville Startup community has also grown by leaps and bounds thanks to the event.

We’re back to do it all again as part of Townsville Startup Weekend 2015.  So if you’ve ever had an idea, or have the passion to work on something amazing and life-changing, come along from 25-27 September 2015.  Register now!

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