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Starting from today, Bridges Executive Centre (www.Bridges.HK) will share some important HK Business Startup tips with Startup Weekend participants here. Bridges has been in business for 10 years and helped over 8,000 locals and expats incorporate and grow their business in HK. We hope our provided knowledge can give you some insights and help you equip yourself with entrepreneurial skills for your next venture challenge.


Referred to the Q ‘Can I Set up a HK Company in 2 Days?’, the answer is ‘yes’, you can do so by purchasing a ready-made shelf company. As its name suggests, a shelf company is an entity that has already been incorporated and is available for selling now. It is legally registered in HK without any assets or liabilities.


This entity is popular for people who do not have preference in the company name and can’t wait too long to get it incorporated. Below please find the pros and cons comparison of a shelf company:

Advantages of a Shelf Company
Short Processing Time If you cannot wait until an all-new company is incorporated (usually takes around 10 working days), you can opt for a shelf company that only takes 1-2 working days to finish the setup. It is preferable for businessmen who stay in HK for a very short period of time.
An Almost Instant Option Under some circumstances, you will need to do business immediately by having a company registration number on hand, like making an urgent business deal or entering into a tender.
Quick Bank Account Opening If you opt for an all-new company setup, you will need to wait for around 2-weeks time to get the firm incorporated and bank account ready. Comparatively, if you buy a shelf company, you can open the bank account right away after the purchase, and start your money transactions quickly.
Various Business Nature & Longevity At Bridges, our shelf company list has different kinds of business nature options for your selection, such as investment, IT, garment, etc. to fit your needs. What’s more, besides of those that are formed for months, we also have aged shelf companies for you to deliver reliable image to stakeholders.
Disadvantages of a Shelf Company
Limited Company Name Choice When you buy a shelf company, you need to choose your company name from a given shelf list, and cannot specify your preferred company name from the beginning. However, you can change the company name after the purchase.
Maintenance  Fee Since a shelf company has been set up for a period of time already, it could incur different maintenance fees shortly after the purchase like Annual Return fee, accounting and audits arrangement fee, etc.

Have any further questions? No worries. Feel free to ask here and a member of Bridges’ team will answer your questions shortly. And, don’t forget a discounted ALL-IN-ONE Company Setup Package with HK$1,000 off is now offered to Startup Weekend participants like you, click here to learn more details of the package and enjoy.

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