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To nominate leaders and vote: Most Impactful Startup Community Leaders 

Helping entrepreneurs build companies, create jobs, and raise the standard of living is what I find to be the most rewarding experience of my life. I have a tremendous amount of respect for community leaders in the startup ecosystem who are working tirelessly to spur startup activity in multiple communities, and in many cases globally. I’d like to begin recognizing leaders of the community in order to magnify the impact startup community leaders are making, so collectively we can lead by example.

David Cohen, Techstars

David Cohen, Techstars

I recently read a book called ‘Switch, How to change things when change is hard.’ What I learned was the one way to drive change is to shine the spotlight on people and programs that are working well in order to encourage similar behavior.

I’ve put this list together to do just that, shine the spotlight on startup community leaders to encourage more people in the community to strive to make an impact on their own startup community.

Please share and vote for who you think is the most impactful startup community leader. We’ll do a follow up list if this catches on. For now, I think it’s best if we measure impact based on the number of people being impacted by these leaders, perhaps number of companies launched is another factor to consider when voting.

This list is admittedly a bit U.S. centric (this time). Thanks to everyone including many who aren’t on this list who have dedicated themselves to helping entrepreneurs achieve greatness.

– Shahab Kaviani

Co-Founder, CoFoundersLab


Share community leader nominations and vote here.


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