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  • Sebastien Morvan from Brussels Beer Project

What is the Brussels Beer Project?

Brussels Beer Project is about co-creation of atypical beers – we aim to find an all way to connect people with quality beers. To do so, we reach out to a community of beer lovers to that want to become part of our brewing project via crowdsourcing/crowdfunding and have a voice in what we do.

We also partner with other professional brewers from around the world to co-create beers that dare to be different.

What does it take to be a Changemaker?

It requires the realization that there is a difference to be made and the inner belief that you can participate in this journey.

What is the Change you would like to see happen in today’s world?

Clearer links in the food & beverage sector between producers & consumers.
This sector is dominated by faceless industries that push standardized tasteless products to the masses.


Learn more about Brussels Beer Project: http://facebook.com/brusselsbeerproject or



  • Mathieu Jeanne-Beylot from Mutum

What is Mutum all about?

Mutum is a participative platform on the Internet allowing people to share their objects with their neighbours, for free.

The principle is simple: each time you register an object online and each time you lend an object, you can earn “mutums”. And then, those mutums will allow you to borrow whatever object you need, to someone located next to you.

According to you, what does it take to be a Changemaker?

Change might look frightening, but if you fear failure, you will never be able to innovate. There is no failure, only improvements.
A Changemaker knows when to dare and must have the courage to take a chance. Risk is the only way to success.

What is the Change you would like to see happen in today’s world?

We want people to share, to interact with each other, and create a community based on these values.
Instead of « producing, buying, using, throwing », we would like to encourage new responsible and sustainable ways of consumption by taking part in the circular economy model, changing to a « buying, using, reusing, recycling » way to think and act.

Try out Mutum: www.mutum.fr



Inspired to be the next Changemaker? Join the Startup Weekend Changemakers!

Tickets & details: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/startup-weekend-brussels-changemakers-1115-tickets-16358643142

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