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In our first organizing meeting, the team sat down and articulated why we wanted to put this whole thing together. Here is what we each had to say:


When I first heard Tom’s impassioned pitch for bringing startup weekend to Santa Clarita, I knew I wanted to be a part of the team. As an iOS developer, I know how hard it can be to organically meet people in your day-to-day life who share the same skills and interests as you. I was excited by the idea of bringing enthusiastic people fueled by a passion for creation and entrepreneurial drive under one roof and setting them loose on new ideas. I wanted to see what Santa Clarita could do. In a town with so much development and talent, I hope this startup weekend provides a platform for uniting people with co-founders, new friends and interesting conversation. I hope what we build in November extends beyond the action-packed weekend and helps to embolden a real startup community here in SCV. Help us build another SiliCon Valley!


Aspiring restaurateurs count foot traffic as an indicator of potential sales in any given location. Logistics firms try to locate where two or three large freeways should meet for ease of access. Geography plays a vital role for some sectors of the economy, but not all.

Tech start-ups can be built, launched, and even run out of a garage (talk to Tom about it). Transacting business online requires a solid idea, a fast connection to the internet, good customer service, and that is about it. The 2015 Santa Clarita Startup Weekend encourages all entrepreneurs, no matter geographic considerations, to take part in building a business in just over 48 hours.


Last December I returned back to my hometown of Santa Clarita after wrapping up my first business venture just out of college. I began researching what the startup and small business scene was presently like in the valley. After all, five years had passed since I had first left for university and I was aware of several entrepreneurial developments that had occurred in the previous year. For example, I was  informed of the recent launch of the city’s incubator program last fall because my team had strongly considered relocating and applying for residency in it. I also knew College of the Canyons had grown substantially over the last several years and I was introduced to college’s Economic Development Corporation and Small Business Development Center, the latter of which I was able to utilize a bit for my own business. It’s also worth noting that this is how I came to meet Chris Girdwood. Now as a resident once again, I wanted to dive deeper and find more.

Soon after, I found Erick Arndt’s monthly SCV Startup Meetings and attended my first demo night in February. I began to notice that there actually was a presence of entrepreneurship here, but I felt that all of these organizations were each promoting it independently. While making gains on their own, I began thinking of ways to pull these entrepreneurial bodies closer together to create a more potent and useful core for entrepreneurship.

It took some research and word of mouth to discover the resources Santa Clarita currently has to offer the entrepreneur. My goal in bringing startup weekend (back) to Santa Clarita is to showcase the tools, resources, and scrappy self-starters this town already has. Come join us for an extremely interactive weekend where you will network with smart people, eat good food, learn new things, and have a great time!

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Tom Beckett