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This week we are excited to spotlight long-time Organizer, Facilitator, and friend, Sally Ng of New Brunswick, Canada.


Sally finds numerous ways to support her startup community:

  • She’s been a SW Facilitator for 18 months, and has traveled to 9 different cities
  • She is the Executive Director of Planet Hatch/Accelr8, which connects startups to local resources
  • She is a TEDx programming manager

Outside of startups, she’s also a Lieutenant in the Canadian Forces, and she’s a Glider flight instructor! Most recently, Herald Business featured an article about Sally, her involvement in her community, and her many experiences. You can read the full article here.

Her work around the world allows Ng to bring intellectual experience and ideas back to her fledgling organization. At Planet Hatch, she works with regional partners to improve resources for entrepreneurs, but as the group is only four months old there is a lot to do and inspiration from elsewhere is welcome. Bg has been a volunteer Facilitator for Seattle-based Startup Weekend for the last 18 months and has already worked in nine different cities.

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  • Sally Ng

    Thank you for the shout out! Volunteering for Startup Weekend has been an incredible experience and if it wasn’t for that experience. I would not be where I am with my “real” job 🙂