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Startup Weekend is a platform for people who have great interests in wanting to create their own company from ground-up. In Startup Weekend’s website, it claims in just 54 hours, you will experience the “highs and lows” and “fun and pressure that make up life at a startup”. At Startup Weekends, you will get to learn how to create a real company and meet some of the best mentors, investors, cofounders, and sponsors who are willing to help you start your business.


Image via Startup Wekend

To put it simply, once you signed up with Startup Weekend, you will attend its event over the course of a weekend. In Startup Weekend’s words – learning how to put your business ideas to formality. On top of having your company ideas formed and what not, you will also meet mentors, investors, co-founders, etc. All over the course of a weekend startup event.


Here are 10 successful companies that started from Startup Weekends.

1) The Founders Club 



The Founders Club is an entrepreneurship club that was founded in early 2018 by a couple of passionate students. Our main goal is to empower the Malaysia community with entrepreneurial skill sets.



2) Sike.co

Started by a group of students, this brand wants to spread the awareness of gender inequality through arts and design.

They created a clothing brand that symbolize unity of human kind,  clothes that are genderless and is only seperated by cutting of the shirt.

3) FunnelBear

They are a digital marketing agency that aims to help your business connect, strengthen, and solidify your relationship with your customers. Funnelbear differ from your traditional marketing agencies as we are driven on results based marketing in the digital realm.

” Marketing and ROI (Return On Investment) measurability is how we aim to alleviate your problems and elevate your business and brand. We strive to achieve this by taking care of your marketing strategy, web experience, lead generation tactics, and even your brand’s perception.”

4) Uncle Green

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Uncle Green is a start-up that specializes in growing vegetables via hydroponics without the use of pesticides.

“We want to change the world by growing healthier vegetables. The vegetables that we normally eat are grown with the usage of pesticides and we cannot determine the residue levels. This is especially serious these days with the development of stronger chemicals to counter pests which has grown resistant to old pesticides. By taking in these vegetables in the long-term, it will be too late when we start feeling the side-effects.

Therefore, Uncle Green is a brand which grows non-pesticide vegetables such as lettuces, sawi, pakchoy and many more. We want to promote a healthier lifestyle for everybody. Support and tag along our journey by following our Facebook page for constant updates.”

5) HoriznMedia

HoriznMedia is a digital marketing agency that focuses on growing startups digitally. they are building a digital community of digital talent across Sarawak.


When isit your turn?

To those who wants to start up,

Your business is like your baby👶 it keeps growing and with the growth comes yet another investment and the changes, some you would appreciate and others you won’t!

Register now at: https://founders.my/startup-weekend/


Steven Wee