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Bootcamp Visakhapatnam

February 6th, 2015

14 ideas, 3 real-life experiences, active participation equally by the students and the administration of the college were some of the features that marked the bootcamp at Prism Degree and PG College, on 6th of February.

When we first saw a highly-energetic crowd of 270 people, who were called in exactly during the lunch break, the first thing that we became skeptical about, was the acceptance on their part – we were, after all taking away their lunch break. Initial few minutes went in bringing their energy to the session, and conducting ice-breaking activities so that the audience was on the same page with us.

Seeing the energy overflowing, for the first time we gave the students a liberty to come up with any idea of their interests or wish, and what we saw was, in 8 minutes there were 8 ideas on the screen, and at least 6 of them were out-of-the-box. We were really amazed by the professor who shared his story of quitting his job at TCS and starting a real-estate business, completely funded by a risky mortgage of his mother’s jewellery. Generally we start the idea session with a small activity involving a newspaper headline and a water-bottle, in which we ask the participants to come up with any idea as a consequence to the newspaper headline, and things that could be built out of a water bottle. We still kept the session, but after the liberal-idea pitching session.

The session went on for 2 hours, but when we ended, we felt as if we had started just five minutes back.

And the college happens to be the venue of the main event, scheduled on February 20th. All the 14 ideas are to be expected on the main event, stay tuned!!DSC00151 DSC00152 DSC00155 DSC00191 DSC00193 DSC00201 DSC00204 DSC00215 DSC00219 DSC00220



Sayan Ganguly