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Today it was announced that Neustar, a publicly traded company based in Sterling, Va., that provides real-time information and analytics, has agreed to acquire .CO Internet S.A.S., which is the exclusive operator of the worldwide registry for Internet addresses with the “.co” top-level domain.

.CO has been a huge part of the UP Global community providing domain names to all Startup Weekend participants and free resources to support startup growth. They’re one of the hardest working groups out there and if you’ve ever been to an event or used their product, you know how well they take care of their customers and entrepreneurial community.

CEO Juan Diego Calle shared in the company’s blog that “it’s onward and upward for .CO”. Since .CO Internet’s global launch in 2010, names under management for .co have grown to more than 1.6 million in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

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.CO’s dedication to entrepreneurs and startups is second to none. Just this past month, they supported Startup Weekend teams and community at LAUNCH Festival in San Francisco. The .CO Pavilion featured 4 Startup Weekend teams (see below).

RV Sherpa – Started by John Alexander at a Startup Weekend during Global Startup Battle, RV Sherpa is the ‘AirBnB of RV’s”. John is a longtime Organizer and Facilitator and is now on the other side of the equation as he seeks to make RV Sherpa a big success.

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TinkerED – A team from one of our Startup Weekend Education events, TinkerED was founded by Suzy (teacher_suzy) on Twitter to solve one of her own pain points. TinkerED helps EdTech startups with teachers to shape the future of tech in our schools.

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Visionboards – Global Startup Battle Team, VisionBoards were the winners of .CO’s Innovators Circle. Stephanie and Natalia have been working hard for months to meet demand for their product and were able to meet with several big names during LAUNCH including Mark Cuban and the founder of LivingSocial.

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Amazi  – Amazi actually means water in Rwanda. Founded by Crystal Plew, Amazi hopes to put existing services to better use to reduce plastic waste on our planet. Her company’s business model includes supplying water to those in need and educating people on not only where to get water to refill their containers around them, but also detailed information on water safety and the best sources.

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We’re excited to continue working with .CO! Make sure you grab your domain name at the next Startup Weekend in your area and give a big thanks to their wonderful team. (Tweet them @dotCO).

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