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在台灣,Startup Weekend難有長期性的贊助收入,都是單一場次籌款,再加上一些報名費收入,做為基本的活動經費。活動籌備過程,能省則省;若遇上籌款不足、總收入不如預期,就由執行團隊自掏腰包補足。在過去十屆Startup Weekend Taiwan,都有這類自掏腰包狀況,差別只在金額大小。

多場活動下來,有無其他方式能支持、解決Startup Weekend的活動經費問題?於是,【iiiNNO】發起這次「用54小時,為台灣創新創業播下種子──第11屆「Startup Weekend創業週末」活動募資計畫」,希望能集結更多人力量,合力促成Startup Weekend能在9月份舉行。大家各依自己的狀況和需求,酌力支持,共同為現在和未來的台灣,做一點我們可以做到的;也發掘和育成下一個成功的台灣新創公司、傑出的創業家!

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a way to raise money for a project or business through a large number of people, usually financed through the Internet. Crowdfunding is an alternative financing is a form other than traditional finance through banks.

In Taiwan, Startup Weekend have difficulty in finding long-term sponsorship, funding is per each Startup Weekend: sponsor funding plus some registration fees, as the mean to pay for operating expenses. If insufficient fundraising happens, the organizer has to pay with their own money. For the last 10 Startup Weekend Taiwan, the co-organizers have to pay the difference. Additional fee such as pre event, visiting sponsors, were all out of our pocket

There has to be other ways to support Startup Weekend funding need. Therefore, [iiiNNO] initiated this “Startup Weekend Taiwan 11 Crowdfunding” campaign, hoping to raise funding through the people that can bring Startup Weekend live in September. May each person back the project according to its own situation and needs, discretionary power support, together for the present and future of Taiwan, to do something we can do; also explore and incubate the next successful startups and outstanding entrepreneurs in Taiwan.

Howard Chao