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For all its human diversity, the biosphere of New York City is famously limited. And while structured outdoor time may be easy to schedule in Washington, Utah, or Alaska; in New York City, a little professional help goes a long way.

Californian entrepreneur Kyle Davidson moved to the Big Apple in 2011 with the intention of servicing a particular metropolitan demand: the need to GTFO of NYC for the weekend.


To that end, Davidson started Sourced Adventures in 2013.

“On a typical weekend day, most New Yorkers are enjoying a bottomless, boozy brunch with friends,” Davidson says. “And while that can be a lot of fun, it’s essential to have diverse, physically-engaging options to access the outdoors… A snowboarding, fishing, or hiking adventure is something those outside the city can easily take for granted.”

Davidson says getting out of NYC is stifled for a few plain reasons: a lack of affordable transportation; a lack of space for owning and storing necessary outdoor equipment; and a general unfamiliarity with what nature offers within a few hours of the city.

Sourced Adventures provides the chance to get out of the city quickly and affordably. Skiing, snowboarding, surfing, and rafting are a few ways that Davidson’s team helps New Yorkers naturally unwind.


“What we do is allow people to enjoy outdoor activities without a huge financial commitment.” Davidson says. “For example, day-long ski trips organized on your own from NYC could cost as much as several hundred dollars; including gear, lift tickets, and transportation. Through [Sourced Adventures], we offer similar, inclusive experiences for a fraction of that cost… $110 out the door on a Sunday, with considerably less hassle.”

In 2011, Davidson helped Living Social launch their adventures division in New York. When Living Social closed the division several years later, Davidson decided it was time to do ‘adventures’ his own way.

“Sourced Adventures focuses on several core concepts that really give people what they want: inclusive weekend trips near the city,” Davidson says. “Just show up and we take care of rest. Everything from round-trip transportation to the activity itself is planned immaculately, and every guest feels at ease– something that’s essential for making the experience repeatable and recommendable.”


Learning from what Living Social did well, Davidson sought to provide the detailed customer service that most other activity outfitters fail to offer their adventuresome clients.

“Think through every single customer touch point over and over again,” Davidson says. “It sounds like a simple concept, but it’s paramount and often overlooked when introducing or reintroducing people to the outdoors.”

In their first season of operation, Sourced Adventures took 5,000 New Yorkers on trips, generated over $500,000 in revenue, and employed a team of 20 specialized guides. Overnight, Sourced Adventures has become one of the largest ski-trip providers in the city.

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