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Of course we are all aware that lifelong learning is one of the keys to come up with great ideas. However great ideas only evolve once you have that little extra push into the right direction. Just a little impact in your life might help to make you see the way to go along. So our goal from Wombat Software was to go out and give a certain group of people that kind of opportunity. We wanted to share our experience and educate people with something we were good at. Since we saw a desperate need for children to learn and understand coding, we decided to give free workshops to kids.

It actually took us weeks to figure out a way to organise a great event for the kids. We were desperate to find attractive hardware equipment as well as the right location to meet our expectations. And of course there had to be enough kids to take part at the event. In the end however, it all worked out. We gathered enough money to buy great equipment like Lego Mindstorms, our co-workingspace Startplatz in Cologne offered us a huge room for 50 kids and we could even find a caterer to provide some snacks. Once we had everything organised, we finally held the first workshop. And it was awesome. We named it DevCamp4Kids and the kids totally loved it. The parents loved it. And we loved it. It was a great experience for the kids to learn more about programming and coding. We had a great team of 15 volunteers supporting the kids with all their questions. All the struggle was absolutely worth it.

When the second DevCamp4Kids followed, it was even better than the first one. From that point on we knew, that we have to start making these events on a regular basis. We love working with the kids and believe that it will have at least some impact on their lives.  Trying to offer those workshops entirely free during our normal work is a major challenge though. We were lucky enough to have some supporters, but Wombat Software covered most of the expenses so far.

So from now on our team from Wombat Software needs even more support to make DevCamp4Kids happen. There will be a lot to do because the next workshop will be on the 13th of June 2015

  • We want to make coding a part of the education of today’s kids
  • The workshops will be free for everyone

To ensure the quality of the workshops we need your support!

Please visit our website at www.devcamp4kids.org and sign up your kids for this great event. Invite everyone with kids between the age of 10 to 14 and also we would greatly appreciate a small donation to ensure these awesome free workshops!

Stay in contact with us at the Start Up Weekend Education and we would love to share our stories with you!

Your team from Wombat Software!

Kids having fun with programming computer
Kids having fun with programming computer
Pupils coding robots
Pupils coding robots
Pirmin Vlaho