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Developers, developers, developers!

Most Startup Weekend Green Bay (SWGB) teams will need one or more developers. Some startup teams work on mobile apps, computer games or other computer programs or systems. Even hardware startups or non-digital service startups should have a website and may want a smartphone app. So developers are needed for every Startup Weekend team.

Types of developers needed for SWGB 2015, February 6 – 8, 2015:

  • Application programmers
  • Systems coders
  • Website developers
  • iOS developers
  • Android developers
  • Game developers
  • Web services developers

I’m going to work with area organizations such as Northeast Wisconsin Developers Users Group, Northeast Wisconsin Association of Information Technology Professionals, and the Northeast Wisconsin Linux Users Group to invite all their members to participate in SWGB. We also need to contact:

  1. 1. Computer-related departments and instructors at northeast Wisconsin’s universities, colleges, high schools and middle schools.
  2. 2. Companies whose main business is computers, such as DMI Studios, Heartland Business Systems, Infinity Technology, Skyline Technologies and ZyQuest.
  3. 3. High tech companies where lots of coders work, such as Breakthrough Fuel, Plexus, Surface Mount Technology and Xenser.
  4. 4. Companies which have a significant number of developers, such as Kimberly-Clark, Miller Electric, Oshkosh Corp, Schneider and Schreiber.

To help make sure we have lots of developers at SWGB 2015:

  1. 1. If you know developers, please tell them about SWGB 2015 and encourage them to register.
  2. 2. If you know good contacts in the above listed organizations, please share their contact info with me; I’ll work with them to encourage their developers to participate in SWGB 2015.

To learn more, go to the SWGB website at http://greenbay.startupweekend.org/.

Bob Waldron

Chris Schmitz