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Startup Weekend Detroit
May 29th, 2015

Who would’ve guessed that Dum Dums and Startup Weekend Detroit would go together so nicely?! I think it is safe to say that we have all enjoyed the delicious treats at some point in our lives… I am personally very fond of the butterscotch flavor.

But don’t let their wrapper and sweetness fool you, these little suckers have come to  Startup Weekend Detroit to pitch! Check out the Dum Dums pitch, and maybe take a few notes… these suckers are good!

Why are Dum Dums a good fit in the entrepreneurial ecosystem?

Dum Dum’s mystery flavors (pizza, popcorn and bacon) are for the risk-takers. Startup events across the board motivate and support the idea of a “disruptive” campaign. 

The adventurous mystery flavors are a result of Spangler Candy Company being an innovative brand. Agile and creative, the company is anxious to extend the brand experience and build new audiences by igniting the adventurous spirit and bringing out the kid in all of us. 

Is Dum Dums an entrepreneurial company? If so, how?

Connecting with consumers:

Dum Dums is a connected and consumer-focused brand. Immersing themselves in conversations, they listen first and then respond with disruptive, fun new flavors that keep people talking about them. 

Spangler Candy Company is dedicated to staying in tune to the culture of their consumers.

Ability to quickly shift: 

Innovation has always been at the heart of Spangler Candy Company. From new products to manufacturing and distribution, Spangler’s forward-thinking team has the ability to make informed decisions and swiftly respond to cultural shifts. 

An integrated approach to marketing enables Spangler to proactively engage with emerging trends. Building new audiences through an active use of social media offers insight. Spangler is listening and responding to consumers by crowdsourcing flavor suggestions and enabling their fans to co-create stories about how Dum Dums fit into their personal life. 

Why is Dum Dums excited to support Startup Weekend and entrepreneurs?

Dum Dums understands the challenges of a hands-free existence and practices lean methodologies. At only 25 calories per pop, they strive to provide an exceptional taste experience with cross platform user feedback opportunities. Additionally, the unique package removal experience (wrapper comes off in an instant) allows for maximum MTI (minimal tactile interaction) resulting in less stoppage and more rapid development opportunities.  

Just wow.

All of our participants will be plenty fueled up on Dum Dums while they code away over the weekend! Thanks Dum Dums for supporting our entrepreneurs!


Got your ticket?! If not you better hurry before they’re all gone…                                  visit: https://swdetroitsocial.eventbrite.com to save your seat!


Nicole Mangis