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SWSB4 LogoSanta Barbara held a huge Startup Weekend event Nov 14-16, 2014 and teams from that weekend are competing with teams from 250 cities in a Global Startup Battle.

As part of this battle, teams make a 90-sec video of their experience in a multi-track competition to win Big Prizes.

50% of the judging criteria are votes from the local community in support of the teams. You can help Santa Barbara win. It is quick and easy.

You may vote once per day, per team, per track, through Dec 3, 2014. So vote now, vote early, and vote often. And spread the word.

Vote by clicking all of these links and signing in every day.

Team Miyagi

Team LuxHelmet

Team Lightning Locks

More teams will be added to this post when the information comes in. Please support all of these teams. And enjoy the videos.

Update On Voting Issues: The links on this page are kept updated with the latest and greatest voting links. Please use the links from this page. Click on the thumbs up image so it turns red. Then your vote has been recorded.

Ron Gans