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Startup Weekend EindhovenThanks to the help BOM, High Tech Campus, Brainport Development, City of Eindhoven, Dutch Accounting House, EY plus Shapeways we can organize Startup Weekend Eindhoven and now focus entirely on organising a great, experience filled weekend.

Without them we also wouldn’t be able to have such a low participation fee for a weekend full of inspiration! There will also some special presentations and mentors present: all the ingredients are there to turn your idea into something that is actionable!

The reason for sponsorship is basically the same for all partners: they believe in the importance of an ecosystem of startups and entrepreneurial minds in the region of Eindhoven. Some support however; is not logical but every company started as a small business and this is stage of the company that is still fresh in the mind of the founders. As everyone will agree it was hard, but perhaps this is the period of their company they most proud of. The period in which they have grown from just a concept to a well-functioning organization. A sense of pride about their own creation, meaning they want to share this experience with startup weekend participants and give a helping hand to those that dare to experience the world of startups.

This brings to light Eindhoven as an up and coming Startup city: The energy of these new startups brings new energy that is only ever released by labeling one’s self an entrepreneur. The participants at the weekend are so diverse: from ambitious students and experienced entrepreneurs to inquisitive engineers & designers. With this diversity comes many mindsets and views on the world, thus the ideas will just as diverse if not more so! But all will be looking at one another for inspiration or simply to each other to find their hidden passion to advance an world changing idea!

Be part of Startup-city Eindhoven!

Startup Weekend Eindhoven will take place on 28-30 November 2014 at the High Tech Campus. There are a limited number of tickets available, including food, drinks, presentations and a few surprises. Still in doubt? Please contact Victoria (06 – 29837940), Peter (06 – 24592805), Maikel (06 – 11565352) or Noud (06 – 41822267).

Dit persbericht is ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands.

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