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Startup Weekend Tulsa Energy Edition kicked off Friday night with high-energy pitches from participants. (pun intended).

From the initial pitches 6+ teams formed and began the rush to go from concept to company in less than 54 hours.

Working from the Fly Loft in downtown Tulsa teams had access to resources both virtual and physical including prototyping equipment from the Hardesty Fab Lab.

This weekend’s teams include:

AstralScout: a first-person view automated drone using Oculus Rift. The industrial inspection drone would be used to automatically inspect smokestacks and can be manually controlled by an operator for remote viewing, troubleshooting and inspections. The Oculus Rift and a three axis stereo vision gimbal provides up close immersive visualization.

Energopoly: Lead by 10-year-old entrepreneur Kendall, this team is upcycling the game of Monopoly for energy conservation. The game is designed to promote energy conservation ideas and practices for kids of all ages.

Magic Home: Github for homo automation. An open-source repository for software and software libraries for automating home automation.

RITA Systems: Remote tank monitoring system for quality and flow rate of wells.

Safety Momentum: This app is designed so users can efficiently and effectively cover a safety topic at the start of each meeting.

WellHub: A web-based well data repository and tools for analysis and visualization.

Nicole Nascenzie