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Startup Weekend Islamabad 2016 was a huge success, converting ideas to reality by involving people who can do intensive work and by providing top notch mentorship to the participants. After the event many team’s appreciated the efforts of organizing team and were energetic to take on the market with the ideas they have worked on over the weekend. Here are views of some of the teams at Startup Weekend Islamabad 2016:

Winner Startup Weekend Islamabad 2016
Winner Startup Weekend Islamabad 2016

Mars is still far away, there are enough wonders to explore on planet Earth! This is the vision behind team Mad Hunt and this is exactly how we came up with the idea of Mad Hunt.

Mad Hunt is an amalgamation of real time and mobile gaming. How? Mad hunt is a real time scavenger hunt in which location specific clues are spread throughout your city and there are numerous vouchers hidden under those clues. But here’s the catch. You can only view the clue through our application and once you are present near that point physically. The GPS will guide you know where exactly the clues are placed. All you have to do is go to that point physically, solve our clue and Viola! In this manner solve as many clues as possible and not only increase your chances of winning amazing vouchers but also stay on top of the leaderboard.

You can play this game while coming back from office, during your class break, literally any time when you just want to relax and have a little fun. Also you don’t have to be worried anymore when going to a new city. Mad hunt will be your personal tourist guide wherever you go! So what are you waiting for! Download this game today and experience for yourself the madness that we have to offer:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pk.codistan.madhunt

Our experience at Startup Weekend was amazing as we got very useful insights on how we can refine our idea even better.  All the mentors were very encouraging and this experience helped give us a huge confidence boost as well and now

with a bang! The organization of the event was also professional, credit goes to Startup Hub, Air university and partners of startup weekend Islamabad.

Team Mad Hunt, Winner Startup Weekend Islamabad 2016

I-Matter,2nd Runner up Startup Weekend Islamabad 2016

I-Matter is aimed to be a finishing school of business for the transgender community based on the theme of “Learn and Earn”. It intends to provide them with basic education, vocational skills and freelancing skills so that they can earn and stand with the whole nation at the same level. I-Matter believes that considering gender as a binary system makes our views narrow and we lose some of the greatest talents present around us. It also believes that now is the time to refute the social stereotypes of the society to give transgender a platform where they can become successful without any discrimination. Our team members include Muhammad Mujtaba Khan Raja, Maham Johnson and Talha Ahmad. It was a great fortune to be a part of Startup Weekend Islamabad, 2016. The SWISB16 team was very welcoming, cooperative and made us feel at home. The mentors were no less than a magic spell who gave our ideas a touch of perfection and reality. They were an immense source of help and inspiration who made us see the flaws of our project and pushed us to break the confining walls of our minds to think out of the box. These three days gave a new shape and broadened the vision and aim of our project. Being at Startup Weekend Islamabad doubled the level of our motivation, focus, commitment and passion for I-Matter. We are now sure that we are ready to take any challenge coming our way and will leave no stone unturned for the success of I-Matter. The 54 hours spent at startup weekend Islamabad, no doubt, built a pressure on us and were tiring too but in the end it was all worth it. Startup Weekend Islamabad went all fair with the description:”No Talk. All Action. Launch a Startup in 54 hours.”

Team I-Matter, 2nd runner up

Aftab Hussain