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What is this about?

As a mentor or coach, you have the opportunity to share your knowledge with the startup community on the Central Coast

You may have heard that Startupweekend.org is coming to the Central Coast and we’re looking for mentors of many types; business people, designers, coders and marketers. Startup Weekend is a global collaborative movement that encourages people of all types to pitch or be part of a new startup project. It is run by enthusiastic volunteers and supporting businesses and organisations. Though we also need helpers of all sorts. In particular we need smart and wise heads that can guide our startup teams.
For more information check out the StartupWeekend.org webiste, we think you’ll find we’re in a great space.

Do I need experience?

Yes you do. You may be experienced in a specific or a specialised part of business. If you remember how you felt when you were just starting out in your business that’s even better. We know you’ll understand the challenges that a new business startup faces. If you do we’re looking for you to help our startup weekend in Gosford on Sept 18-20.

What will mentors do?

Mentors are there to guide the startup teams over the course of the weekend. You won’t be expected to pick your favorite team, indeed you’ll be asked to spread your knowledge over all of the teams. Spend the weekend or just two hours, but your input will be of value to our startup teams, and you will meet lots of people too.

What sort of roles are these?

These are ‘for the love of it’ roles, in other words it’s voluntary.

Get involved

Please contact – startupcentralcoast@gmail.com

Article by David Abrahams

Carolen Barripp