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Kayla, who is the facilitator for Startup weekend 3 in Dubrovnik, after presenting herself she made the team do a little game first to break the ice. “Half Baked” is the name of the game where each group of three develops an idea from a word combination previously defined by all participants. For an example, people brainstormed LOLLIPOP and ANONYMOUS, and one group chose that word combination from the board. They’ve thought of a product called “White lollipop” where flavor can vary from delicious to disgusting. So each time you take a risk because you do not know which lollipop you are going to get.

Then Kayla gave a few tips how to give a good pitch in only 60 seconds and after that the pitchfire started. When we heard all the ideas each participant voted for their own three favorites and these were the most ranked : “Chek it”, “CodeRefresh”, “Shema.hr” , “Enum”, “VoxAnon” and “Zagreb nights”.


Last but not least, Mrs. Mirela Španjol Marković gave a brief global view of communication skills explaining to our participants how to present themselves and their product.