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In the past 3 years, UP Global has expanded programming to reach entrepreneurs across the globe. With offices now in Brazil, Europe, Malaysia, and Mexico, UP strives to bring people together and help build thriving entrepreneurial communities.

Regional Summits are one way we bring programing, networking and community building to a growing area.

UP LATAM (Latin America)  just held it’s first Regional Summit in Manizales, Colombia. Over 55 entrepreneurs from 11 different countries attended with the desire to connect and share learnings. It was the first time in history that the UP Global Latam community gathered together to celebrate their entrepreneurial work.

In just two days, we were able to facilitate the unification of one of the most united, inspired, and genuine group of individuals. Everyone was eager to make a positive impact in their communities and influence the direction of Latin American entrepreneurs.



Photo of Manizales, Colombia

With an average growth of 84% in number of UP Global programs in the past 4 years, Colombia has increasingly become a country with huge potential for entrepreneurship. Organizing the UP Latam Summit in Colombia allowed the entrepreneurs in the area to expose their work, scope, focus and foremost, their impact across the region.

An important part of any Summit is making sure the right influential people are in on the action. We were able to attract some key Colombian players, such as entrepreneurial public agencies, bank institutions and other education & entrepreneurship institutions.


Google Developers has become one of the principal supporters of the UP Latam Summit. We have partnered with Google Latin America to develop the campaign One Community – a joint effort to bring UP community leaders and Google’s technical communities together. This partnership will increase talent-diversity among Startup Weekend teams that will ultimately lead to stronger startups.

In this first pilot, Google has selected 15 different cities in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Chile, Guatemala & Uruguay.

The Summit was the perfect place to launch this initiative because both Google and UP Latam communities had the opportunity to meet in person, celebrating together, and form solid connections.


The UP Latam Summit had 55 attendees from 11 different countries.

UP Latam Community Leaders


UP Latam Core Team


Google Communities (GDG/GBG/GDE)


Google Latam Core Team




  • Mexico

  • Colombia

  • Dominican Republic

  • Peru

  • Bolivia

  • Paraguay

  • Honduras

  • Argentina

  • Costa Rica

  • Panama

  • Brazil

UP Latam Summit kick-off sessions

Objectives of Summit

  1. To unite UP Latam community leaders

  2. Offer attendees the opportunity to connect with individuals from other cities that didn’t have the chance to meet at the UP Global Summit in Las Vegas or Rio

  3. Workshops centered around building a strong Storytelling strategy for the UP Global/UP Latam brands in order to accelerate programming and other offerings

  4. Conceptualize communication plans for UP’s priorities, challenges, and key objectives

  5. Introduce Google as a partner and launch the One Community effort

The Piano Player, Parque los Yarumos

The Monument to the Conquerors of Space, Manizales, Col.

The Condor Bolivar. Manizales, Col.

Jozué Morales & Marco Antonio Soto, community leaders from Tijuana, Mexico, right in front of our view from the Park (venue of Summit)

Discussion Topics Included: 

  • UP Global/Latam programs, Community Sites, initiatives and future goals
  • How to measure community impact
  • Introducing One Community
  • How to market & story tell to different audiences
  • Best practices for building a thriving community
  • Feedback to UP Latam: help us improve!


  • Met new friends!
  • Visited the most emblematic monuments and cathedrals in Manizales, including the Bolivar Condor and the Monument of the Conquerors of Space
  • Hosted two kick-butt parties. One after the UP Latam Summit and one after the Startup Weekend Mega Americas event, sponsored by Chivas Regal (Fancy!)
  • Drank around 1,000 Liters of beer
  • Ate lots of arepas

Martín Vivas, CL from Buenos Aires, Argentina, smiling while listening to one of the discussions

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