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Guest post By Adrian Brown, First Harrison Bank, Director of Business Development

First Harrison Bank

I attended my third local Startup Weekend event in March at First Build. When I tell people that, I usually get the question, ‘What is a business banker doing spending time at an event with companies that are less than 72 hours old?’ After my initial snarky comment that bankers are cheap and will do anything for a free t-shirt, I give them the real answer.

The main reason I go is to see entrepreneurship at its core. It is fun and exciting which is an energizer to anyone that attends. The energy and creativity in the room make a room of 65 seem like 300. The objectives don’t appear to be to get rich but to solve problems and makes people’s lives easier. The ideas are unique and it is always amazing to see the real progress they make on an idea in a short period of time.

First Harrison Bank has been a sponsor of the last three Louisville Startup Weekend events. We feel the local start up community is vital to the culture and future economy of our community. The organizers, local start up leaders Daniel Johnsen, Kelby Price, Joanna Cruz, and others do a fantastic job. This event has many moving parts and they pull it off seamlessly.

There are great things happening locally in the startup community. I encourage local established businesses to support these efforts as, in time, the ROI will be off the charts.

Note from the Startup Weekend organizing team:
As you build your business relationships are key. There are 5 key relationships you should have: a banker, insurance agent, lawyer, accountant and marketer. Select and nurture the relationships that work for you and your business. First Harrision is a multi-event sponsor for Startup Weekend Louisville in addition to being involved in banking solutions for individuals, businesses and investors.

Daniel Johnsen