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At our Pre Event Party that we had on September 30th,    2015, Karen Elisabeth Ohm Heskja from DNB, our platinum sponsor, talked about the 5 elements of delivering a perfect 1 minute pitch.

1. Introduction – 10 seconds

Who are you? What is your credibility?

2. The problem – 20 seconds

What is the problem that you want to solve? Is it relevant? Can people relate to it? Is it big problem that is known?

3. The solution – 20 seconds

What are you trying to get across? What are you trying to solve. No need to get technical, just say what the solution is.  Be straight forward and to the point.

4. Who and what do you need? 8 seconds

Who do you need and want on your team.  Be very clear.  Keep in mind the mindset, ambition and most importantly the skill set you are looking for.  Think of the most critical competencies for this.  Think of what you will be building over the weekend and who you think you will work best with.

5. Name of your solution – 2 seconds

It’s important to already have thought of a name. That way your team is able to start working on the other parts of the solution, rather than spend unnecessary time on a name. This can always be changed at a later stage in the development.

There you go! 5 easy, yet critical elements, in delivering a perfect 1 minute pitch.  Remember though, the first one or two seconds on stage will decide whether or not people will listen tIMG_0606-1o you for the rest of the pitch.  Be strong.  Be authentic.  People want to work with people who are passionate and authentic.  Be yourself.

After hearing Karen Elisabeth’s advice, we put it in to practice.  Those who attended the event were handed an item that they then had to pitch, following the 5 elements.  Attendees were given a few minutes to plan out their pitch, and then got up in front of everyone and pitched their ideas.  We had some great ideas of how a teddy bear can make you feel closer to loved ones living far away, or how to use energy from charging a cell phone, and so many other very creative and fun ideas.  We can’t wait to hear even more amazing pitches at our nIMG_0605-1ext Startup Weekend event, October 16th-18th, 2015 at Innovation Dock in Stavanger!


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