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Startupweekend Paris : Madagascar Edition 2018

Startup Weekend Paris Madagascar Edition

The next edition of Startupweekend Paris Madagascar Edition will take place October 12th-14th at Sensepace, Paris. This edition, like all the four previous edition is organised by volunteers from Juniors Pour Madagascar (JPM) and from the Malagasy diaspora. Juniors Pour Madagascar is an non-profit association that aims at fostering the emergence of a new generation of entrepreneurs FOR MADAGASCAR. This is done through the organization of conferences, workshops, hackathons, meetups, forums such as ZAMA, and also through recruitement of Malagasy Talents : https://www.juniors-pour-madagascar.com/recrutement/.No automatic alt text available.

The Venue : Sensespace

The choice of the venue was not trivial since Sensespace is a workspace, event and experimental platform located in the middle of Paris (Bastille) dedicated to social innovation. Senspace have coworking space that hosts about 20 positive impact startups and MakeSense, a worldwide community composed of passionate social entrepreneurs. This sounded like a perfect place for organizing the Startupweekend Paris Madagascar Edition and bring a huge social impact to develop Madagascar.

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“Passion, listening, humility, hard work, relaxed state of mind, the new generation of entrepreneurs for Madagascar, it’s YOU!”

Supporting startups for Madagascar : Support

This event would not be done without the support of all these companies that foster Madagascar economic growth and development :

Preparing the event

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“After 20 seconds of pitching, if I don’t understand your idea and you business, you already have lost me” Startupweekend mentor

Before the event, 3 workshops were organized by various speakers :

  • The Business Model Canvas : a workshop that helps non business to familiarize with the structuration of their business model.
  • The pitch workshop : a training session that helps the future participants and others to present in public. Since 1minute is very short, the pitchers learn to synthesize and focus on the essential.
  • The bootcamp : An occasion to presents the structuration of the startupweekend and some of the mentors.

A call for all the Malagasy diaspora and all entrepreneurs, for Madagascar

SWPM is open to all kind of participants, from any profile, Malagasy or not, the only rule is to develop a project that is tied to Madagascar, the business might be not located in Madagascar but it must be related to Madagascar and aims at developing Madagascar.

Startupweekend Paris Madagascar gave birth to projects like KaraKory (ephemeral e-commerce), Sayna (developer training), Lamako (Cultural Game), Mahazava (Solar kit), Sam’salama (micro-insurance),  Digigasy (Tech Media) and more …Editions in Madagascar also gave birth to project such as Hamac (advertising), Paika (Event), Miarina (recycling), Seeds LearnShare (personnal growth) …

Today this event wants to raise all the Malagasy diaspora around the world, especially in Northern America (Canada, US..) and in Asia (China, India ..). From this new generation, driven by startup mindset and looking for their own way, they want to be proud of Madagascar. It also call all the entrepreneurs from all around the world that want to highlight Madagascar and launch a business that aims at developing the country. The fifth edtion of Startup Weekend Paris Madagascar in 2019 might be GLOBAL.


Let’s meet at #SWPM2018

Startup ….. weeekend !!!!

Friday, October 12 – 14, 2018 
Event starts at 6:30 pm 
11 Rue Biscornet 
Paris, France 75012

Appendix : birth of a series of startupweekends

3rd Edition of Startupweekend Paris Madagascar in 2017: Organized at Sensespace, an open-space dedicated to social innovation.

Video Credit : Laurent Qy

2nd Edition of Startupweekend Paris Madagascar in 2016 : Organized at Ecole 42 a revolutionnary coding school that uses peer-to-peer learning to train developers.

Video credit : Ecole 42

1st Edition of Startupweekend Paris Madagascar in 2015 : Organized at AFCEPF a school dedicated to professional reconversion in IT

Video Credit : Faby


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