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It matters. Diversity does. 365 days a year we do our best to make a real contribution to the tech community and on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of November we are going to aim to do the same. But we need your help. We have done our best when it comes to organisers, judges, speakers and mentors and at this particular time, our list is pretty balanced. We are yet to announce the final list of Startup Weekend Dublin contributors but right now we are at 50/50. And the balance won’t really shift much. If at all.

We have contacted most of the diversity focused entities that we know within tech and asked them to help us out: DigiWomen, Coding Grace, PyLadies, Girl Geek Dinners, WITS and Askaton. We spoke to some of the influencers within the larger corporations and asked them to support us internally and spread the word. And now we are asking for your help. Passive inclusion is simply not enough.

It is crucial to say that we recognise the importance of gender balance and diversity and it is this space of real diversity that we are passionately chasing.

How can you help? It’s simple really: think about Startup Weekend for a moment – is there a woman in your life, a friend, sister, partner or a colleague who would find the experience interesting, useful or fun?

All we want is to connect people who are passionate about this space. Or curious about it. Thank you.

The Startup Weekend Dublin Team

Andreea Wade