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This year swCork is on in Cork City Hall, which is a pretty amazing venue if we don’t say so ourselves; check out the pictures below. (Imagine pitching up there).

City Hall inside and outside!


We also have a new approach to mentoring, and we have 4 veteran mentors in residents, (yes, they’ve said they stick around to help for the whole weekend).

First you need to figure out how to get there,

Option 1 is driving, but we know thats not for everybody so we’ve put together a more comprehensive list.

From Dublin the Aircoach runs from Dublin every hour and can be booked on http://aircoach.ie/booking or from http://www.gobus.ie/. The train is always a great way to travel and can be booked from http://www.irishrail.ie/.

If travelling from Limerick then you can take the train, http://www.irishrail.ie/ or the bus, which can be planned from bus station to bus station at http://journeyplanner.buseireann.ie/.


We’ve also created a list of places to stay and how far they are from the venue.

1. Oscars hostel- 15 minute walk http://oscarshostel.com

2. Bar Bru hostel – 8 minute walk http://www.bruhostel.com

3. Jurys Inn Cork – 5 minute walk https://www.jurysinns.com/hotels/cork

4. Clarion hotel – 2 minute walk http://www.clarionhotelcorkcity.com/mb/

5. River Lee hotel – 15 minute walk http://www.doylecollection.com/hotels/the-river-lee-hotel


Let us know if you have any other question and we’ll be happy to help direct you in any way possible!

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Robbie Skuse