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Startup Weekend Eindhoven is coming up in three weeks. One of the questions you might have is: Does Startup Weekend produce any real interesting… well… Startups? One could say simply yes, and point to our own Eindhoven success story of Proxible.

Old news? So let’s see what new startups have been created at other startup weekends around the world in 2015. And wow, there are some amazingly simple but brilliant ideas. We did some research and found some really cool ones! Read some of them below, with a question to get your own stream of ideas flowing.


Startup Weekend Stamford winner is SlipShare.

8 Great Reasons to Attend SWStamford

One that could have been Dutch: They created an app to help yacht owners find dock space while cruising the coast. So, while still sailing they can reserve a spot in the marina. This app exists for car parks but with a small change they made one for boats, but hey, why didn’t you think of that?

What great existing idea can you introduce into another market?

From Startup Weekend Charlotte comes Pantrea.


Pantrea aims to provide meal plans and grocery lists tailored by dieticians for individuals’ health needs. Health is a growing potential market. Not only do more and more people suffer from allergies to milk, many people prefer to eat vegetarian, but also the amount of people that are fasting is increasing. Obesity is on the rise; the amount of diabetes are patients growing. These are big trends which have been there for a couple of years but apparently no “foody” has really acted!

Which health trends can you think of and what technology can connect with that?

At Startup Weekend Grand Rapids Hex was born.


Hex is a weather resistant Bluetooth controller. It has large rubber controls tied in with a rugged but simple design that gives you very discernible feedback from the buttons. It allows you to easily access all your music or phone controls without removing your device from your pocket. Solving the problem of using fragile, high tech devices in sticky, phone destroying, situations!

Which great technical solution could use some extra usability?


Startup Weekend Eindhoven
We could really use that Hex in the Dutch weather (not recently with all that sun). But there’s more reasons why we like it: it’s technically simple and well designed. Hey, isn’t that what Eindhoven is all about? Next edition especially?

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