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The idea behind Rx Interactive, Inc. was one that was simmering in Del-Metri Williams’s mind for years before Startup Weekend Fort Worth 2015. She pitched it, but it didn’t move forward that weekend. She went on to learn how to do a startup over the course of the weekend and later launched it.

The team Del-Metri was on worked on a video question and answer service they called MetaWhat. She applied herself to it fully, aiming to win. Ultimately another team won, and the MetaWhat team didn’t continue working on the idea, but that didn’t detract from the value of the weekend.

MetaWhat team at Startup Weekend Fort Worth 2016
MetaWhat team at Startup Weekend Fort Worth 2016

Del-Metri came out of Startup Weekend convinced her idea could work. So she and her husband Rudy launched it. Rx Interactive’s goal is to use game mechanics to engage patients in learning so that they know more about the conditions that affect them and their treatments and ultimately lead to better outcomes. Unsurprisingly, Del-Metri and Rudy met two of the people who would later join the team at Startup Weekend.

Del-Metri says the weekend was a learning experience on how to do a startup, which prepared her for some of the work on Rx Interactive. In particular she said learning to talk to people before building was helpful. Using that approach, she has been able to get in front of people at the companies that will be her target market. Not only does she get information and advice from them to help target the company’s solutions, but she creates a warm market for the future.

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Nathan Winkler