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Global Startup Battle (GSB) is an initiative created by Startup Weekend that aims to generate a stronger global community of entrepreneurs trough the largest startup competition in the world. Global Startup Battle is a part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week that will start on November 13th and finish on November 28th. Hundreds of startups, who wins Startup Weekend and other Techstars Startup programs that are hosted all around the world, in this period, will have the honor to compete in GSB. Developers, product managers, marketers, and startup enthusiasts who will gather together for 54 hours to share their ideas and launch new startups will be able to compete for the title of the Best Startup in the World.


In 2014, Global Startup Battle included 25.000 participants, 236 events in 83 countries. They have all spent about 1,5 million hours of work on innovations, starting new companies, and applying modern technologies. In just two weeks, the GSB has 1,000 video entries and over 321,000 votes, and 1,3 billion views! On Twitter, the GSB has 1,25 million tweets in just ten days.

This year, the battle returns on November 13th-22nd! There will be over 30,000 entrepreneurs in over 100 countries rally together in the name of innovation and community, in more than 200 simultaneous events and programs over ten days.


Global Startup Battle enriches the global entrepreneurial community by creating a sense of inclusion between startup teams all around the word. It was created by the community, and it serves the community. It’s a great chance for entrepreneur enthusiasts to stand up and show the world what they’re all about.

So, who can compete in Global Startup Battle? If you have an idea and want to compete, you must attend a Startup Weekend hosted near you. Global Startup Battle allows you to compete first against those in your city, and then those near you (in one of 6 global regions), and then when you beat the all you can compete globally.

The competition has three rounds:

  • Round 1: Best of the Cities – Teams compete to win the local Startup Weekend. Teams who place in the top three at their local event are eligible to compete to be one of two regional champions.
  • Round 2: Best of the Regions – Top three teams of Round 1 compete against other winners from their region. The teams try and win as many Facebook votes as they can. 50% of their overall score is determined by votes; the other half is determined by the judges. Top 15 teams with the most votes can move to next phase.
  • Round 3: GSB Champ Crowned – The winning teams from each event move forward to compete with one another via a global video competition. Two teams from each region will emerge and square off against the rest of the Regional Champions. From the final 12 (6 regions x 2 Regional Champs), the final Champion will be named by the judging panel.

Winners of each round of Global Startup Battle have a chance to win many valuable prizes. Such prizes in the past have included travel and access to conferences like GEC in Milan, CES, LAUNCH Conference, and more.

The biggest battle in the Startup World for the 6th straight year is coming soon! If you have a million dollar idea, apply for the Startup Weekend in Novi Sad and get a chance to become a part of the best Startup in the world.

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