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I’m sure everyone has heard about Startup Weekend Hyderabad, if not please refer to our previous article about the event or visit our website to get all the information (give below).

Global Startup Battle(GSB) was created by the community and for the community. It is the your chance to compete against teams from across the globe! First you take part in the Startup Weekend at Hyderabad and then the winners will be contesting against those in the region of Asia Pacific, and then globally! In the GSB you represent your city/region and bring home the startup glory, joining the legacy of the GSB winners!

GSB has several themed tracks that offer different prizes, sources and judges! These tracks are as follows:

  1. Champions Track– The best of every city/region.
  2. Great in the Making(Made great by Mr.Coffee)– Products, technologies and solutions that improve the lives of others in one or more areas – Home Life, Work Environment, Transportation, Organisation, Convenience.
  3. The Innovators(Powered by .CO)– For all Startup Weekend teams launching their brilliant ideas on a .CO domain.
  4. Disruptors and Big Ideas(Powered by Transpose)– For inventors and entrepreneurs who naturally think outside the box, pushing innovation forward by tackling industry wide problems, not just small scale solutions.
  5. Mobile Growth Track(Sponsored by Branch)– Mobile Apps that have Branch’s SDK integrated, dashboards collecting data with links team’s create and with sharing switched on.
  6. Open Track(Sponsored by The Company Corporation)– For teams outside GSB Startup Weekends, unlocking and providing the benefits and value of GSB to all.

..More coming up soon, http://www.globalstartupbattle.co/tracks

Prizes for each track vary, ranging from access to conferences like GEC(in Milan), CES, launch conference, etc. to incorporation services and mentoring; The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam to memberships in WeWork and Founder Institute; Business consulting, testing of devices to meeting with the media; Branch Technology access to working out of their office space; And many many more prizes! Check each track’s page and all the prizes are listed http://www.globalstartupbattle.co/tracks

– Varun Mallapragada.

Startup Weekend Hyderabad (GlobalStartupBattle) will be held on 20th – 22nd of November, 2015 at T-Hub, Gachibowli. To participate, please register at www.swhyd.co.in

Varun Mallpragada Varun Mallpragada