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eTech Consulting hosted the first edition of the Global Startup Weekend AI Antananarivo on November 30 to December 2, 2018. Artificial intelligence was indeed the main topic during the event.

Weekend projects

The coaches’ presentation opened the event on Friday, followed by the participants’ pitchs to present their ideas and human resources needs. Of the 22 projects submitted, 7 were actually selected by the 36 registered participants.

Namely :

-T-isera: An online sales platform that uses artificial intelligence. In other words, it recognizes clothes through photos uploaded by users.
-Parlotte: An application that instantly translates sign language into voice and vice versa.
-Ny Hoaviko: An application that helps young people decide on their future careers. This application is indeed equipped with an expert system for coaching young people.
-Upone.io: A platform that fights against the kneading of perishable products from a wholesaler of fruit and vegetables. In other words, the application helps with inventory management in wholesale stores.
-Tantsaha: An application that helps farmers improve their yields
-DevForWelfare: An application to detect nutrient intakes and risks in a dish
-Voiceep: Which is a tool for call center in Madagascar, in other words, it is a multilingual virtual teleoperator

The results of the 2018 edition

The winners of the Global Startup Weekend AI Antananarivo 2018
The winners were effectively announced on the evening of December 2 during the final pitch session, in front of juries, coaches and spectators.

After deliberation, the juries awarded first place to the T-isera project, the online sales platform that recognizes clothes from a photo.

Voiceep, the multilingual virtual teleoperator, won second place

Follow-up of Upone.ai which is the application for the management of perishable food stocks

Like all other Startup Weekend editions, there is the project that is the jury’s favorite. For this edition, the Parlotte project won the prize. Indeed, Parlotte translates sign language into voice and vice versa.

Big Thanks to all sponsors and partners

It was impossible for us to do the event without our partners and sponsors. The organizing team would like to thank, Axian, eTech, Société Générale d’Exploitation de Madagascar, Hamac, OIA, Telma, Le Ceentre, Otwoo, Sayna, 100startups.co, Ymagoo, Red Sakay, Juniors Pour Madagascar, Mvola, ISCAM, Ministère de l’Industrie et du Développement du Secteur Privé, ODI, Créative Tim, Obconnect, Newman’s Technology, Seeds Learn&Share, Unité d’incubation entrepreneuriale et Emploi, Lamako, Manjary, Tsiro Siratany, Nexta, Vanilla Pay, Boissa, AntananarivoAI, Studio Kalanoor, Karakory, Paika, MyPassion, Mamifa, Creativeo, e-tety, Soaway, Hay Madagascar, AUF, IvoTech, Digigasy, Moov Madagascar, Madagrads, BookNews, Workshop Idea Center, Passion 4 Humanity, 

Gihanne Rabibizaka