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Attendees for Boston Startup Weekend EDU came together from all over North America to work on problems relevant to the education space.   Participants had varied backgrounds as educators, students, developers, etc. but each participant had the same passion and excitement to learn and cooperate with each other.  Of the thirty-six pitches presented on November 21st, eleven teams were formed. Please cheer them on and look forward to what they produce throughout the weekend!

Teams Formed on Friday Night (November 21)

·         Edocracy: Curriculum design and collaboration platform for educators

·         Edubids: Transparent vendor platform for educational products with parental and educator input

·         New Hall: Collaborative community for students to showcase their accomplishments and life experiences

·         Future Vision: Interactive experience that introduces college-bound high school students to real world career paths

·         Lean Gap: Empower tomorrow’s college students with the entrepreneurial mindset and confidence to chart their own path

·         Mendel’s Garden: Multi-user interactive virtual environment for promoting STEM education

·         Gradestar: Academic motivation platform

·         Freelanship: Platform for project-based internships

·         EdVenture Camp: Camp designed for educators to develop their entrepreneurial skills, emotional fitness and personal development

·         Wrap Around Students: Information sharing among teachers and schools for students as they transfer between schools and districts

·         Parent Primer: Web platform to help parents who want to be engaged  with their children’s education but do not know how


Come join us at Demo Night tomorrow, November 23rd at 51 Melcher Street, Boston beginning at 5pm and see what the teams have produced.  If you’re not local, watch the live stream at www.bit.ly/swedubosdemo.


Vicky Guo