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Startup Weekend; a weekend of embracing the insanity, excitement, and roller coaster of emotions that come with building Startups. It is a beautiful introduction to the hustle it takes to take an idea and turn it in to something more — a Startup. If you can survive a weekend, then maybe, just maybe, you can survive the years of hustling that you will encounter, the endless obstacles you will face, and reach success.


We arrive at Venture Hive, an awesome venue. In what, at first, seems like a small place, we learn it is actually quite large with many residents and incredible people involved. We start off networking and I attempt to meet as many people as I can. Then the man of the hour (or many hours), Lee Ngo, gets up and gives us the introduction. Lee is a constant joker, but when it’s time to be serious, the man is extremely serious. After getting some of the run down from Lee, he introduces Paula Celestino. Paula is one of the nicest, passionate, hard hustling, and wonderful people you will ever meet. She was responsible for much of the organization of the event and to say she did an amazing job is an understatement.


We start the event off by doing some fun activities to get our brains turning. We get together in groups and come up with some outrageous startups based on random words that we throw out. This provides us a good laugh and a small look in to what’s to come. Then next few days are a hustle. Testing the market, building a business model, revenue model, product, meeting with mentors, and constantly pitching. The pitch is everything, it can make or break your ability to clearly describe your business and in return effect your ability to acquire something such as funding.


The most beautiful thing about the entire event though, was the diversity. Each team had an array of people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, gender, and everything in-between. Despite the differences, everyone banded together as strong teams, and were able to help each other to their common goal of building out their vision.


Miami tech is strong and only growing stronger. With people like Paula leading the charge you know it is in good hands. HappyFunCorp was proud to Sponsor such an amazing event. We want to thank everyone involved in Startup Weekend from the organizers, speakers, mentors, volunteers, and people participating. We look forward to what’s to come and are happy to lend a helping hand every step of the way.




Adam Leonard

Southern Regional Sales Director
Building for the future